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The Member Manager Check-In Kiosk is a member-facing tool that makes it easy for your members to check themselves in to classes, booked appointments, and your facility.

Kiosk Settings: To setup your Kiosk, go to Setup>Settings>Club Settings.

  • Display Non-Purchased Classes: Check the Display Non-Purchased Classes option if you want members to check in to classes that are not pre-paid. Any unpaid classes will go to the member’s On Account tab.
  • Future check-in: This sets how far in the future Member Manager will look for upcoming classes or appointments that are eligible for check-in.
  • Late check-in: Sets how far in the past Member Manager will look for classes or appointments that are eligible for check-in.
  • Session Timeout: Sets the time the Kiosk remains available for a member to view alerts or check in to classes or appointments. If a member does not select an option within that time, the system will revert back to the Member ID entry window. In addition to receiving a warning, the member can click Continue to reset the timeout countdown to stay on their screen.


Using the Check-In Kiosk: To open the Kiosk, go to Check In>Kiosk. Press F11 to open in full-screen mode

Note: Navigating from Check In to Kiosk will open the Kiosk in the existing tab to prevent access to other sections of Member Manager.



Enter or Scan Member ID or Barcode: Once open, members can either type their Member ID or scan their bar code. For bar code scanning, click the Member ID field to set your cursor. The cursor line should blink. If the ID is manually entered, a pop-up should show to confirm the correct member. 


Alerts: If the member has any alerts, they will show on this screen. Like alerts will group together. For example, if a member has multiple outstanding invoices, the alert will group the total number outstanding. 

Check-In: On the check-in screen, your member will have two options—Purchased and Non-Purchased Classes. 

Purchased Classes tab: Displays eligible classes if a member has pre-purchased classes or has an active contract. Eligibility is based off the items purchased (e.g. Contract, Package, etc.) and your check-in settings (Before and After times).

Non-Purchased Classes tab: Displays all ineligible classes for a member. Ineligible classes are classes not pre-purchased through a contract, package, or individual sessions. When members check in to a non-purchased class or appointment, the session or items are added to their On Account tabs. Members are billed at a later date.

Check Into Facility: This will allow the member to check in to facility instead of a specific class or appointment. 

Note: You must have the Facility Check-In item set up under Setup>Inventory>Facility Check-In for this option to be available.

Confirmation: Once a member checks in to a class, they will see a confirmation screen. They can choose to check in to another class or return to the main screen (which will return to the Member Check-In screen). If the member does not check either option, the system automatically times out after 5 seconds. The screen will redirect to the Member Check-In screen for the next member to use Check-In Kiosk.




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