Password Security Update

Today, we released an update to our password security protocols that will improve data security and ease of use of the system for both you and your members.

Now when a staff member makes a change to a member's password the system will automatically email the member letting them know of the change. This email is sent out before the password is internally encrypted so it will contain the full and correct password.

We've removed the ability to email member passwords using the #password# tag in emails sent through the system. This is because after the initial email containing the password is sent, the password is encrypted for security.

The email that your members receive once a new profile is created will also contain their unencrypted password, and just like when the password is changed manually they will be encrypted immediately after. 


As always, if you have any questions, comments, or feedback, contact our Training and Support team at 877-600-3811 or 

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