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The Check In Administrator allows you and your staff to check members in either using the Quick Check-In, searching by individual Member, or by searching by Class.  This gives you complete control of the check in process, including checking members in for past classes or appointments.


Quick Check-In

The Quick Check-In tab allows you to scan a bar code or search a member by name or member ID, and will create a pending check in.  This allows you to check in large groups faster without having to monitor each scan, or members having to choose their class or other check in option. 


Scanning members via bar code

To have members scan in, set your cursor into the Quick Check-In field and allow your members access to your scanner.  Members can scan in and their pending check-ins will be added to the Members Checked in Today list. 


Searching by First Name, Last Name or Member ID:

To add a person to Quick Check-In manually, just search in the Quick Check-In field by first or last name or member ID.  If the name entered matches more than one member, you will be given an option to choose which member to check in.  Otherwise, if there is only one match, or you have entered an exact Member ID, the member will automatically be added to the pending check in list.  Note:  this list refreshes every 5 seconds.QC3.png

Using Background Check-In

If you use the background check-in scanning program, all member scans will be added to the pending check in list here, just as if you scanned them directly from Quick Check-In screen.  The background check-in program allows you to use your scanner without having to be specifically in the Member Manager site if you have a compatible Honeywell scanner.  Please contact our support department for more information if you are interested in this feature.

Creating a pending Check-In vs. automatically adding a member to a class or facility check-in option

The system will find an available class based on your Future and Late check-in settings located under Setup>Settings>Club Settings.


If a member is pre-booked into a class or personal appointment during this time window, then they will be automatically checked into the class.  They will also be automatically checked in if this is the only class available.  If there is more than one option for a class or appointment, or if you also have Facility Check-In setup, then the system will create a pending Check-In. 

Checking in pending members:

If there is more than one available class, facility or appointment options, the member will be listed with a pending check-in and a drop-down option to choose the class. 

  • To complete the check-in, just choose the class or facility check-in option that the member used, and click the green arrow. QC5.png
  • To delete a check-in, click the circle arrow. QC6.png 
  • To view any alerts for your checked in members, click the exclamation point. QC7.png

 Note:  This must be chosen before you close out at the end of the day or any pending check-ins will be lost. 





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