Reprocessing Failed/Declined Payments

Settings – Setting Limit for Reprocessing Failed Payments

When Member Manager processes a scheduled payment or a contract payment, the payment might be declined.  You can setup how many times you would like Member Manager to attempt reprocessing.

Setup>Settings>Club Settings


You can set your preferences for automatically processing failed payments in the Club Settings

Go to the Payment Setting section under Setup>Settings>Club Settings.  You can turn on options for reprocessing scheduled payments or automatic payments, and the number of retries.  You can set up to 5 attempts.


Scheduled Payments – These payments are setup on a specific invoice and scheduled when you create a Payment Schedule.  Here is an example: Payment_Schedule.png

If one of these payments were to be declined, you will see the number of times the system will retry that payment in the Sales Receipt section of the invoice.  In the example below, the payment failed, retried once, and will retry for a total of three times. Payment_Receipt.png

Automatic Payments – These payments are processed on invoices that are created based on either a contract schedule or a package renewal schedule.  New invoices are created on the contract due date and a payment is attempted.  If the payment fails, the system will re-try that payment based on your settings.

Note:  If you pay the invoice with a different payment method manually, Member Manager will not continue to reprocess the payment.  Payments will only be attempted on Open Invoices.

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