Printing Bar Codes for Member Check In

If you have a bar code reader, Member Manager can print bar code labels to use with attendance cards.  Your members can then scan in for check in.  See additional articles on the Check In>Kiosk and the Check In>Administrator for details on scanning in.  NOTE:  Printing bar codes works best using Google Chrome.

Printing Bar Codes in bulk from the Members Search:  To print bar codes, go to the Members tab.  You can click Search to print all bar codes, or filter your search by any of the search fields on the tab. 

Members_Tab.pngOnce you have your list, you can further narrow it down by clicking the check box for the members that need a bar code.  Or you can choose all in the list.  Under the Action drop down, choose “Print barcodes”.


You can choose “Apply to checked” or “Apply to all found”.


From here, there is an option to select a template.  Currently, the only template available is for the Avery 5160 or equivalent address label style.  This prints 3 columns, 10 rows.  You can select a starting position if you are re-using a sheet of labels that has still has some blank labels left.  Or start at position 1, if you are using a brand new sheet.  Then click Print.


In Google Chrome, choose More Settings to double check the print options.  Be sure you are set for Portrait printing on Letter size, and that your Scale is set at 100%.


Printing a Single Bar Code Label

If you only need to print one student label, this can be done from the Member Profile.

  • Go to the Members Tab and search for the member you need. 
  • Click their name to load their profile.
  • Click Print Barcode.  This option is located below profile picture in the upper left.

 Member_Profile.png You can choose your starting position if you are re-using a label sheet. Then click Print.





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