Selecting Your Personalized Email Address

New email spoofing regulations affect the way your emails are sent to your members and clients. In order to continue to allow your emails to be sent in a timely manner, the myVolo team has put the following process into effect:


Start by logging into your myVolo account, then navigate to "Setup" then "Profile":


If your business has it's own domain name (i.e., enter your email address in the required email field, then select "Use this email for sending personalized messages":

Your members will receive emails from your business email address. 


If your business uses a "free" email service to communicate with your clients (i.e.,, etc...), DO NOT select this box. Your emails will not be sent, nor will they go to the member's spam folder. This isn't by myVolo's design, but is due to a change in anti-spoofing regulations.

When you leave this box unchecked, myVolo will assign you a "Send From" email based on the Business Name field in your profile and the domain If you're not sure what your assigned email address is, navigate to "Setup", "Personalize", then "Message":

Your assigned email address will be listed as the "Send E-mail From" field:


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