myVolo Release - 10/30/2014 Family Memberships!

Our clients often ask how they can combine multiple contracts and payments into one simple, all-encompassing contract and payment schedule. Well, you asked, and we’ve delivered. With our new Family Membership sale functionality you can sell and combine multiple contracts for multiple family members all at once. You’ll now notice that the member associated with these contracts can be selected, changed and displayed on the contract line item. In order to combine memberships, the payment source, due date, frequency, and cancellation notification period need to match in order to combine your contacts into one. Now your payments for each family member will be combined and processed in one payment.  If you choose to keep your payments separate, you can continue entering contracts as normal.


Click here to learn more about this release.


As we continue to improve myVolo, we look for your feedback to guide our efforts. Drop us a note at and let us know what you think of the new functionality!

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