myVolo Release 7/24/2014 - All New myVolo Dashboard!

We've received requests to provide a way for you to quickly access key elements of your business through your myVolo software. We've created an all-new dashboard that you'll see right when you log in. It will include Graphs and Diagrams, Quick Stats and Top Reports.

What you see on the dashboard will be based on your user roles; owners will view details pertaining more towards financial data and overall performance, while staff members will see details that lean more towards daily operation, member management, and tasks.

The dashboard is the first thing you’ll see when you log into your myVolo account. You can click to any other tab (i.e. your schedule, reports, etc…) as usual, and you can click back to your dashboard via the new dashboard tab:



Click on the drop down box to select the date range that best suits your needs:



Your stats will change as your day progresses, so make sure to check the dashboard tab frequently to get a better view of your overall performance throughout the day. Each dashboard is separated into 3 sections: Quick Stats, Top Reports, and Charts. Future releases will allow you to select which data is included in each section.

Quick Stats

Your Quick Stats section gives you simple, up-to-the-minute information at a glance. Depending on your user role, that data may include sales data, member visits, outstanding invoice totals, and more. Click HERE for a a description of the Quick Stats.

Top Reports

This section will give you access to some of the most frequently used reports our clients utilize. Many of these reports are also accessible from the Reports tab. Click HERE for a description of the Top Reports. 


These charts are an easy to view, graphical way to monitor the performance of your business as the day/week/month goes by.

As mentioned above, the dashboard you see will is predicated on your user role, which you (or the business owner) set up at the time of implementation. Currently, there are two dashboard permission levels: Owner and Staff. Future releases will allow you to edit the data seen by permission level.

Owner’s Dashboard

As a business owner, monitoring your financial information is of paramount importance. You’ll have quick access to your revenue and sales data; payments collected and even your refund report. When you log in, your dashboard will display the following: 

SSB Owner DB.jpg


Member Solutions Full Service Billing Clients

If you utilize Member Solutions as your full service billing and collections provider, we've added some additional reports that will allow you to view your Member Solutions data without having to log in to your account. These include your month end financial statement, deposit activity and President’s Club.

Staff Dashboard

The staff dashboard is geared towards members and tasks. Your staff will be able to see prospect and new member stats, open tasks and expiring members. They can access check-in reports and appointment overviews at a click. When your staff logs in, they will see:


Please feel free to tell us what you think! If you have feedback on this or any future release, we’d love to hear it. Please contact or leave a comment below. 

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