Site Set Up Process

The following are the initial steps to getting your site up and running!

As you set up your site, keep in mind that all of your data is currently "live" and online. If you'd like to practice what you learn before you enter data into your actual site, use this test site. (Login information for the test site can be found here.)

1. Setup Business Information:

2. Setup Inventory:

Be sure that you understand the difference between an item (single session) and a package (group of sessions).

3. Setup Schedules and Staff:

4. Personalize your System:

  • Messages: Edit and select the automated messages you would like your clients to receive
  • Dashboard: Customize the member dashboard as you would like it to appear to your members
  • Lead Sources: Add and edit your lead sources to see how clients heard about your business
  • Member Types: Create member types to allow for filtering.
  • Cancellation Reasons: Add and edit cancellation reasons for when you cancel appointments
  • Interests: Add and edit your member Interests to suit your business
  • Store: Edit your policies for your online store
  • Custom Style: Choose a preset colour theme or create your own
  • Widget: Create a scheduling widget to display on your official business website
  • Contracts: Set the default terms for your contracts
  • Custom Tabs: Create custom tabs for your member portal
  • Questionnaires: Create questionnaires and online forms within your site

5. Member Access (if applicable):

  • Member Login and Password: When a new member is created within the site, a login and password is automatically created for them. The login is the last name along with the first letter of their first name (e.g SullivanT). If enabled, the New Member Email (found in the Messages area) will be sent out automatically when a new member is created.
  • Member Dashboard
  • Member Permissions: Control what your members can and cannot do or see within the Volo site when they log in.

6. Member Data - Inputting Your Members:

7. Booking/Check In/Closing Days:

  • Closing Days
    - This will check in all booked members on your schedules allowing Volo to properly track what people have purchased against what they have done.
  • Check-In Module

8. Create Sales:

9. Decide on a Launch Date!

Decide on the date that you will start using Volo. Your Launch Date is the date from which all of your clients have correct sessions on the remaining tabs and when Volo will track all sales from that day on.

Here are some additional areas of Volo that may be of interest to you:
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