Custom Tabs: Welcome Message

Within Volo you can create tabs for the member's portal. These tabs can be a welcome message, links to other sites, blogs, etc. Here is how you create a Welcome message: 

  1. Click on Setup - Personalize - Custom Tabs - Add Custom Tab




  1. Name the tab. Select whether you'd like this to be “HTML supported”, “Link to a new page”, or “Link to a new window”.  Insert your message (see below for message template). If you'd like this to be the first thing your members see when they log in, then click Start Page. Once you're done, click Save and Exit.







Welcome message template:

Please update everywhere that is HIGHLIGHTED


<style type="text/css">


.style1 {font-size: 12px}

.style5 {

 font-size: 14px;

 font-weight: bold;




<p class="style5">Welcome</p>

<p> Welcome to MY BUSINESS fitness and wellness registration webpage.</p>

<p>This site was created to make finding, registering and paying for services and programs simple and efficient. </p>

<p>Please visit the following pages to learn more about our programs and services and how to register for them.<br />



  <li><strong>Profile</strong> – view your currently scheduled activities and account including your invoice history <br />


<li><strong>Schedule</strong> -look for appointments on the various schedule tabs and book to reserve your space. Time restrictions may apply for booking and cancelling</li>

  <li><strong>Store</strong> – visit our online store to view and purchase programs and services</li>



<p>This site is a fast, simple and secure way to purchase your fitness and wellness services.<p>

<p>To view your currently scheduled activities (Personal Training or Wellness Services sessions booked or current registration in programs ie. Yoga and Boot Camp) please view the activities tab under your profile and search by date range.<p>

<p> Please note that the personal information that you enter on this site is treated as private and confidential and is subject to the MY BUSINESS privacy policy.   MY BUSINESS personnel, including persons with whom you may not have direct dealings, will have access to the information on this site, but any personal information you provide to us will only be used by us as part of our ongoing efforts to provide you with superior service and selection. Should you have any questions or concerns, you should contact us directly at <a href="">my email</a> before entering any of your personal information </p>

<p>Thank you for choosing MY BUSINESS.</p>

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