Staff Permissions

  • Control what your staff can see and edit in Volo.

  • Remember, group permissions will always override the individual permissions, so to change for one member, they must be taken out of the Staff Group.

    Three Basic Types of Access:  

  1. Hide: when this is the permission level granted, the staff member will not even see that there is supposed to be something there
  2. Read only: in this setting the staff member will see the information in the area but will not be able to edit it.
  3. Read/Write: with this permission level the staff member will have full access to view and edit everything in the area that was selected

Set Staff Permissions

  • Click Staff

  • Click Search

  • Select the Permissions link next to the staff member desired


  • Select the area that you want the selected staff member to have access to and what kind of access

  • Click OK

    Sidenote: If you don’t enable permissions on the top level navigation to a certain area but enable permissions within that area, the top level navigation permissions will override the permissions within a specific area.


  •  Also you can set permissions per schedule you will need to click OK after you set permissions for each schedule so that it will save the changes


  • Staff schedule permissions can also be changed by creating a group for staff members using the same schedule, and changing the group permissions. To learn how to create a staff group, click here.



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