Searching for a Contract

Searching for a Contract

This help article will show you how to search for a contract within your Volo site.

•Click Sales

•Click Contracts


•Make your selections from the various fields to narrow down your search.


Filter by Status, Type, Category, Group or by the client's first and last name.


Status: •Active - Active and paying account

•Frozen- Active but payments are frozen

•Inactive -Paid and service expiration date is in the past

•Paid - Balance is paid in full and service expiration date is in the future

•Stopped -Contract has been terminated



•Term - Fixed number of payments

•Ongoing - The contract continues until it is stopped by the facility

•Paid In Full - A single payment for the entire contract

•Complimentary - This contract is sold the amount will be 0 and you will be able to search for the number of complimentary contracts that you have sold



•Click Search



•Start Date / End Date: The dates the contract starts and ends on


•Name: The name of the client


•Purchased By: Who the contract was purchased by


•Purchased For: Who the contract was purchased for


•Type: The contract type, either Term, Ongoing, Paid in Full or Complimentary


•# of Renewals: How many times the contract has renewed vs. the amount of total renewals


•Renews: The rules for the renewal


•Value / Paid: How much the contract is worth vs. how much has been paid towards it


•Remaining: The remaining balance on the contract


•Status: The contract's status, either Active, Frozen, Inactive, Paid or Stopped


•PDF: Click this icon for a copy of the contract's PDF


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