Dashboard Quick Stats

Below is a list of descriptions for the Quick Stats on your myVolo Dashboard. You may not see all stats depending on your user permissions.

Total sales – Total values of contracts, packages and products sold. 

New members – Total number of new members based on date range selection.

Cancelled members – Total number of members who cancelled a contract or package

Active members  Total number of active members as of  today.

Total outstanding –  Total value of past due invoices. In the event of overpayment, this field value may be displayed as negative. 

XL Inquiries – Total number of members who inquired about cancelling their membership. (Member Solutions Full Service billing clients only)

Total Open Tasks – Total number of open and past due tasks for staff members. Owners will see all tasks; staff members will see their specific tasks. 

Members w/out a visit – Total number of members who have not checked in for a class or appointment

Expiring members – Number of members assigned to a contract that will expire within the selected time frame

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