Dashboard Top Reports

Below is a description of the Top Reports displayed in the myVolo Dashboard. You may not see all of these reports as they are dependent on your user permissions.

  • Month-end financial details – Link to month-end financial report in Member Solutions. (Member Solutions clients only)
  • Deposit activity – Link to deposit activity report in MSI. (Member Solutions clients only)
  • President’s club – Link to President’s Club report of top billing clients. (Member Solutions clients only)
  • Sales by Category – View sales by category or item in a designated date range.
  • Payments by Type – Track payments received by payment type and date range.
  • Refund Report – Display members refund details.
  • New Members – Track all new members and their referral source.
  • Outstanding Invoices – This data show any and all outstanding, unpaid invoices and is based on date range.
  • Expiring Credit Cards –A list of accounts with expired credit cards  from 30 days ago to 30 days in the future.
  • Check-in – Track how many members that have checked in.
  • Cancellations –  Lists appointment cancellations by reason.
  • Appointment overview – Overview of appointments booked. 
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