Create Package

Package: A group of Items

  • Click Setup

  • Click Inventory

  • Click Packages

  • Click Add Package


  • Enter the Name of the package

  • Select the Category

  • Update Members Rates: Select whether you want it to apply to New Members, All Members, etc.


Now, you have to add items to the Package to complete it:

  • Select the Item from the drop-down menu

  • Either tick Unlimited or enter the Quantity of the item in the package

  • Enter the Item Price
    The Item Total will be calculated based on the Quantity and the Item Price (Quantity X Item Price = Item Total)

  • If you want to add an item that clients would get only one time, select Once so that when the package renews, it won't renew with the item marked as Once.

  • Expiry Date (applicable from the date of purchase):
    - You can either set this up by the Unit or by a Specific Date

  • Click Add

Your item is now attached to the package. Click Save & Exit to complete this process.


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