Create Schedule

  • Click Setup

  • Click Schedules

  • Click Add Schedule


  • Enter the Schedule Name

  • Booked Every - Choose the booking intervals

  • Choose the Schedule Type:

    - Private: Viewed by Staff Member (Most often used for Personal Training Sessions)
    Class: Viewed by Location (Most often used for Aerobics Classes, Yoga Classes, etc)
    Court: Viewed by Location (Most often used for Space Rentals)
    Massage: Viewed by Staff Member (Similar to the Private schedule, but a Location is required)

  • Select the View Order (the order in which it appears on your site)

  • Optional: Enter in your Holidays with corresponding dates and hours of operation



    In this next section, you will create your appointments for the schedule.

  • Enter the Appointment Name (this will appear on the schedule)

  • Set the Duration of the appointment

  • Link the appointment with the item in both drop-down menus (see example below)

  • Click Add

  • Repeat if there are more appointments to add.

  • If everything is satisfactory, press OK to create your new schedule!





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