Member Contract Area

Member Contract Area


Quickly and easily search for a contract using the various filters available

•Click the Sales tab

•Select Contracts

•Use the filters to find the specific type of contract you're looking for and click Search


NOTE: Ongoing contracts have an unknown remaining value so you will see N/A in the Remaining column


Select a member to be taken to the member contract area where you can take action on the contract.






Here are the various actions that you can take. You may have less or more options depending on the type of contract sold.

•View Invoices: View all invoices associated with this contract

•View Outstanding Invoices: View all outstanding invoices with this contract

•Freeze: Put this contract on hold until a later date - Read more on Freeze a contract

•Pay Now: This will show all scheduled payments. You can pay any amount towards the contract - Read more about Pay Now

•Edit Autorenewals: This will open the renew details where you are able to adjust the next payment date, the payment frequency, the number of remaining payment cycles as well as adjust what the term contract will do when it ends - Read more about Edit Autorenewals

•Edit Payments: This will open the contract's payment schedule and you will have the ability to change the amount of any payment in the future as well as the date of 1 or all - Read more about Edit Payments

•Terminate: This will stop the contract immediately - Read about Terminate contracts


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