Sell a Contract

Sell a Contract

This help article will show you how to sell a contract.

•Hover over the Sales tab and click on New Sale from secondary menu.


•Search for the client that you are selling the contract to

•Select your contract from the Add Contract drop down menu



When you select a contract, the Contract Details should automatically appear.

NOTE: If the Contract Details do not appear, ensure that your popup blocker is deactivated for your Volo site.


You can edit all of the details of the contract from this page and the changes will only relate to this one sale for the member that you are currently working with.

The default contract set-up in the Inventory will not be altered.




Payment Schedule

•Update Payment Date:

- Reset Payment Dates: This will reset payments to initial payment schedule based off the contract start date

- Set Payment: This will set payments to occur on the specified date - only available for payment frequency = to 1 month



Once you hit Save, if a signature is required, click on the pen icon to sign/accept the contract.






Once this has been done, click Create Invoice and proceed as usual. If this invoice has no payment amount, click Save.


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