Selling a Multi-Member Family Membership

As of our 10/30/2014 release, you are now able to enter multiple members on the same contract (i.e. families, groups etc...). This will help you manage your memberships in a more concise and organized manner. To enter a multi-member contract either select the appropriate Member and click the New Sale button on the Members tab, or go directly into the Sales tab and select a Purchased By. 




On the Purchased By search screen, the user can search for a Member or Staff, or Add a New Member.

After adding your ‘Purchased By’ information, select an item.  Family memberships only apply to Contracts.  Add a Contract to the appropriate ‘Purchased For’ member.  The default ‘Purchased For’ will match the "Purchased By" field, and after the first name is selected, it will always match "Purchased For".  You have the ability to change each "Purchased For" name on demand.


The "Purchased For" field will default to the customer's name from the "Purchased By" field. The "Purchased For" box has 3 main features. They are:

1)     Current selection

2)     Quick list access

3)     Search button



Current selection shows your currently selected member. When you start typing in this area an auto-complete box appears for simplified search:


The Quick list (opens when you click arrow) contains:

-          Members that were selected as “purchased by” or “purchased for” during current sale 

-          Related members for the client currently selected as “purchased for” 



Search Button  -  (magnifying glass) opens search member dialog.

By default this control is filled by the member that was selected for the previous item.

It is required to select a “purchased for” for each item to proceed with sale.


Contract Merging

Once all items are added, these contracts can be merged into one.  If several contracts on the point-of-sale screen meet the following conditions, they can be merged:

1)     Contracts are TERM or ONGOING

2)     Contracts are not “monthly” in terms of myVolo monthly products

3)     Merged contracts have need ot have the same types of contract, number of payments, payment frequency, cancellation  notice, AR settings, conditions

In order to merge contracts you should click new "Merge" icon near the first contract.

After clicking “merge” icon – “Merge contract” dialog opens

 You will be able to select the contracts that have matching terms for merging. Other contracts are disabled and not available to select.

After selecting contracts and pressing “Merge with selected” button, selected contracts will be merged into the original contract.

Merged contracts are grouped together. If you delete the original contract – the entire group will be deleted. Only the primary contract in the group is required to be  authorized by the member. When you open “contract details” for any of the secondary contracts, all fields that affect the contract totals and merge conditions are "read only".


The merged contract will provide all contracts details, collectively.  Contract is signed using normal procedures. 




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