Create Lead Flow

This is where you create the action sequence that you want to take a lead through from the moment you get their information.

  • Select Setup
  • Select Marketing
  • Select Lead Flow
  • Select Add Flow



  • Give your flow a Name
  • Write a Description to help you determine which lead flow you'd like to use in the future
  • Select the Lead Status that you want the new leads in this flow to be automatically assigned to
  • Select Add Action


  • Give your action a Name
  • Give your action a Description
  • Determine when the Action is Due: Either Immediately or within a certain time-frame from when you assign the lead flow to the lead
  • Assign to Staff: You can assign the action to a staff member. For automated emails or text messages, this is to inform your staff of actions that are happening on leads they are working with.
  • Select an Action Type:
    - Task: Select an option from the Task Type drop down
    - Automated Email:
    Select an option from the Automated Message drop down
    - Automated Text: Text Messaging Package Required
  • Lead Status: When this action step occurs, it will automatically move your lead to the status selected here
  • Click Save and Exit or Add Another Action



To edit actions in the lead flow after you have set them up, click the number in the Flow Action column.


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