Create Programs and Levels

Create programs and levels in your Volo site to enable you to track what is happening with your members, students or clubs. 

  • Click Setup
  • Select Programs
  • Select Add Program

  • Enter the Name of the program
  • Enter a Minimum and Maximum Age Restriction
  • Enter a Description
  • Select whether or not you want to Record Belt Size
  • Click Save and Add Levels

  • Enter in the Name of the Level
  • Select the Test Appointment. If you don't run a specific test class then you can link the test appointment to the same type of appointment that is part of the program.
  • Select whether or not a Pass is Required for the Test Appointment. If a pass is required, you will need to search for all who have completed the level and manually advance them (this can be done to a group of people at one time). If a pass is not required, the member will automatically be advanced once the appointment has been completed.
  • Enter in the Minimum # of Days that your member needs to be in that level before they are eligible to advance
  • Click Continue

Now, you need to add Skills and Appointments to the level.

To add a skill, enter in the Name of the skill and select Add.

To add an appointment, select the Appointment Type and enter in the Number of Appointments Required to Complete Level.

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