Merge Members

When you merge members all aspects of the members will be merged and this action CAN NOT be undone.

If the members are in the same automated work flow you will have to stop the automated work flow on 1 of them before you are able to merge them.

There are 2 ways to merge members:

  • Search from the Member Search 
  • Find duplicates from the Member Profile 

Search from Member Search:

  • Search for members on what every criteria you need
  • Tick the boxes next to members you wish to merge
  • Select the Master Record and all the fields from that record will be selected. Override any selections that don't contain the desired information. All the fields that are not the same will have a red mark beside them. 
  • Click the Merge Button - THIS ACTION CAN NOT BE UNDONE
  • Confirm the Merge
  • Your merged member profile will open

Find Duplicate from Member Profile

  • Find the member that you want to Find Duplicates on
  • Click the Find Duplicate button
  • Select the fields you want to find duplicates on 
  • Tick the boxes next to the Members that were found based on your criteria for the duplicate search
  • Select Merge Members from the drop down action box
  • Select the Master record and override any fields that do not contain the desired information
  • Confirm Merge
  • The merged member profile will open
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