Members On Account

Members On Account

This will show you everything that a member has added to their account. This can be done manually for products, such as beverages or power bars. If the client did not purchase any inventory items but they were booked in for a service – like a personal training session. Volo will automatically add the appropriate inventory item to their account.

To see what a member has on account, follow these steps:

    1. Click Member
    2. Click Search and select a Member
    3. Click Account
    4. Click On Account

This will show you what the member has on their account.

There can be 2 types of entries here. The first kind appears with a tick box to the left and the word Remove to the right. These entries have not been made into an invoice yet.

You can select the items that you want and create an invoice.

Click on the tick boxes that correspond to the items you want to create an invoice for


Click the tick box at the very top if you want to select ALL of the items

  1. Click Create Invoice at the bottom
  2. At this point you can take a payment or leave it as an outstanding invoice
  3. The other items that you see sitting on account have no tick box next to them, and there is no option to remove them. These are items that Volo has automatically created into an invoice on the member’s billing date, but that an administrator has not approved (See Approve Invoices). Once the invoice is approved the items are removed from the On Account area, and will appear in Open Invoices if awaiting payment or Invoice History, once the member has paid in full
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