Master Templates

Once logged in, you have the option of setting up Master Templates with defaults to make each new event setup much easier. Click on the Admin tab at the top of the page and then choose Master Templates.


The Master Template area will allow you to enter and save data that is typically the same throughout your events. When creating a new event, this information will default saving you time. You can always edit these details within each event should you need to. You can create a new template from scratch or copy from one of your existing forms. 


You will then go into each of the 5 areas of creating a form (Setup, Fields, Pricing, Marketing, and Advanced) to create your defaults for your template.



Once you are done going through the 5 sections, hit save.


Then when you go to create a new form you will see you need to assign a master template to that form and it will start out with the default information you have set.  You can make any necessary changes to that particular form.



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