Create an Event


How do I create a new event?


Upon logging in to Event Manager, you will be directed to the Welcome screen.  You can create a new event by:



  • Clicking on Create New Form on the left-hand shortcut menu.







  • Click the Forms Tab in your Primary Navigation at the top of your screen and then hit Create on the next screen.



From the next page you can:


A. Copy or modify an existing event by selecting an event from the drop-down menu and clicking "Copy Form".


B. Create a new event by selecting a Pre-Built event template from the drop-down menu and clicking "Copy Form".


C. Create a new event starting from scratch by clicking "Add new form".






After choosing one of these options you be directed to the Event Creation Wizard. This will take you through each section to create your form.


How do I edit an existing form?




  • Click on View Your Forms in the left-hand shortcut menu 






  • Click on the Forms tab in the Primary Navigation 






Both options will take you to a listing of all of your current forms which you can edit, view, or review registrant information.




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