How to Allow Payment by Electronic Funds Transfer

During form set up, select Bank Account Withdrawal as a payment option for your customers from the Acceptable Payment Types under the pricing screen:

**You can also modify an existing form to allow EFT (bank account withdrawal) payments from your customers.


When your customer selects EFT as their payment option, they will be prompted by your registration form to enter their banking details.

Returned Payments

When an EFT transaction is returned to Member Solutions as unpaid by a customer’s

bank for reasons such as insufficient funds or invalid account number MSI will take the following steps:


Cancel the customer’s registration,

Remove the customer from your list of active registrants,

Alert the Event organizer via email


**Please note that the Event Manager organizer will only receive email notification if their email address was entered during the setup of the registration form in this section.





Customers will be allowed to select to pay for their registration via EFT until 5 days before your event date. This allows the EFT transactions to completely process through

your registrants’ bank account before attendance at your event.


**Please note: The event date is an optional field for standard events so this will not be applicable on those registration forms that are not date specific.


Payment Plans


The EFT payment option will only be available to customers who choose to pay during the registration process. It is not offered as a payment method when a customer selects the delayed payment option.


**Please note: Although EFT is not available with the "Payment Plan" option, you may contact our Sales Team if you are interested in enabling this option for credit/debit card registrations (certain restrictions apply).







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