Website Integration

Event Manager allows you to integrate directly with your Member Solutions website. 


If you have a Member Solutions website, click the  tab in Event Manager and go to the bottom of the page and click 'Add Website Integration'.


You will see a small login screen.  Enter the username and password that you use for the admin area of your Website Manager program and click Validate Login.




Your Event Manager and Member Solutions website are now connected. 


Setting registration forms to display on your website


On the Admin tab, click the box “Display registration forms on your own site?” to have all public form links connect to your website.  Forms will have the customized look of your MSI Website template instead of the generic Event Manager form.  This will help you to brand your school across all your marketing.

Client Index Screen

The new Client Index screen will allow you and your registrants to browse events either by List View or Calendar View.  With the integration to your Member Solutions website, this view will be automatically uploaded to the Calendar tab.  Don’t have a Member Solutions website?  We have created an easy-to-use link that will connect to your Event Manager home page.



How to view events on your Member Solutions website


Once your Member Solutions website is connected to Event Manager, you will see a list of all your Open Registrations on the Calendar tab of your website.  With MSI website integration, there is no longer a need to create a button for each form, and copy/paste it to your website page.  Your registration forms will appear in the calendar tab automatically. 



List View


On your website Calendar tab, your forms can be viewed as a list. This will show you the Item, Event Date, and how many slots are still available if you have set a maximum capacity for an event.  Click any event to bring up the registration form.  If you click a recurring event, you will see a list of available dates for that event.




Calendar View

On the same screen, click “Switch to Calendar View”.



You will now see your events sorted by date, and you can choose any date to view from the calendar on the right.  Click the date to sign up for the corresponding event.




How do I get this listing if I don’t have a Member Solutions website?


If you don’t have a Member Solutions website and would like to put a listing of all your events on your own website, go to the  tab,


Select the link under Website Integration and copy and paste it to your own website or email the link to your members.  By clicking this link, your registrants will be directed to your Event Manager home page with a list of all your currently active and publicly listed forms.  Just like with the MSI website view, this link will show your events in either the List or Calendar View.





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