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The Marketing Section provides an area for you to customize email correspondence to your registrants and/or to yourself, the Event Organizer.  This section will also provide a link to your event for you to add to your website or a newsletter. 


We provide standard emails which generate upon registration.  An email will be sent to the designated event organizer as well as the registrant. Add event organizer’s email address. You can set up your event to send registration confirmation to more than one event organizer. To do so, enter multiple email addresses into this field separated by commas.

Click on ‘Customize’ only if you wish to customize the email instead of using our standard format. The confirmation emails are plain text format and do not support HTML coding.  You may also select 'Preview' to send yourself a sample copy of the emails.


To customize correspondence you will be prompted to select which email you’d like to customize. Each one will show you the generic email template and allow you to add fields.





Step 1: Go to your event form and click the “Marketing” page. 

Step 2: Choose  next to email notification.



You can either customize the notification that goes to the Event Registrant or Event Organizer.

Step 3:  By choosing the HTML radial button, you will get a WYSIWIG (What You See Is What You Get) editor that will allow you to change fonts and color and add images to your email.





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