Event Pricing

The pricing page will allow you to determine the cost of your event as well as pricing modifications based on things like early and late registration, additional add-on options, and promotional discounts.




If you wish to set up an early registration discount or a late registration penalty, select “Yes”, and add as many registration dates as you wish. You will be able to determine pricing options in the section labeled ‘Options that Affect Price’.   Otherwise select No and move on to Event Price.



Enter the cost of your event here.  



If you used Custom Fields that affect the price of your event, you will need to set pricing options for those fields.  You have the option to setup pricing for any fields with the Affects Price option selected.  This includes both Standard and Custom Fields. 




Any fields that affect price will be listed here.



If you previously selected registration dates, you should begin adding the prices below.  In the following example, early registration before 8/15/2015 is $20.00, a registration on or after 8/15/2015 but before 8/23/2015 costs $25.00 and a registration on or after 8/23/2015 is the most expensive at $30.00.





If selected, each option can be priced separately and is an additional cost to the event price, otherwise the cost is included in the price of your event.

When there are multiple items that affect price, Event Manager offers you tremendous flexibility to set your pricing.  Let’s say you want to still offer your 3 registration periods, but also want to price the “Number of Children Attending” separately.  By not checking Add-On cost above, you can create a price for every available option as in the following example:


Do not select add-on if you want to offer combined pricing incentives. This could apply to early registration and an additional purchase of two or more custom fields that combine to affect the event price. In the above example you could allow up to 3 children to attend at $20 if registered before 8/15/2015 and only charge extra for the 4th child as an extra inducement to register early.



Alternatively, if the price for each child attending your event is independent from the registration date (as is more common), then selecting Add-On cost for this field will simplify your pricing considerably by moving the pricing for Number of Children Attending to the bottom of the pricing page.




Do select add-on if you want to charge separately for a custom field and do not want to combine with your event pricing. This is useful if selling an additional item, session, class, or upgrade, offering food or asking for a donation or sponsorship. In the above example, the event is one price and each additional child costs more.


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