How to Create a Parent's Night Out Form

STEP 1: Click ‘Create new form’.


STEP 2: We have a Parents Night Out Template you can start from and customize to your needs. Choose 'Use a Pre-Built Form' and select 'Valentines Day - Parents' Night Out' from the drop-down. Then you can first hit preview or just hit 'Copy form'.


STEP 3: Enter your Business Name, Form Title, and choose the Registration Type.




STEP 4: Enter event date/time if applicable.


STEP 5: Enter your description for the Parents' Night Out. Include any pertinent information you want registrants to know when signing up such as pricing, activities, food, drink, etc. You can upload a logo or click on the ‘Customize’ button on the left-hand side to change font, size, and color, add images, etc.


STEP 6: Enter Contact Information for whomever registrants should contact if they have any questions. Enter the Venue Address of where the Parents' Night Out is being held.


STEP 7: Click Save & Next to continue onto setting up the Fields.



STEP 8: Add any Registrant Fields you see fit. First Name, Last Name, and Email are required fields but may be renamed for further clarification.


STEP 9: Once you have all necessary fields, hit Save & Next to move onto Pricing Setup.



STEP 10: Enter your Registrant Price including any add-on costs.


STEP 11: Add any quantity discounts, promo codes, or surcharges. Choose Acceptable Payment Types and hit ‘Save & Next’.



STEP 12: Adjust anything else you want under ‘Marketing’ and ‘Advanced’ to complete the form.















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