Hidden Management Fields

Turning on Hidden Management Fields - In order to use your Hidden Management fields you must first turn on access. 


To do this, click on the Admin Tab.

Listed in the Account Configuration and Defaults you will see an option to Use hidden management fields. Click on the checkbox to turn on your ability to see and use them when creating your forms. Unclick the box to turn them off from being used. Remember to click on Save in order to save your selection.

Using Hidden Fields - Once you have the Hidden Management Field Option turned on, you will have the opportunity to create these hidden fields below the Custom Fields. These are fields displayed in the administrative area only; they do not display on the form to the registrant. They can help you manage registrant data after they register.


For example, if you offer a registrant the option to pay in person, you may want to be able to have a hidden field which will allow you to track when the registrant has paid you.


As you can see above, these fields work exactly the same as other custom fields, including the field types and defaults.


Managing Hidden Fields on the Registrant Page - To manage these hidden fields, open the individual registrant and click the pencil/paper icon under Actions, to edit the registration.


Your hidden fields will be listed here to fill in as you wish. Remember to click “Save and Close” to save changes.


You will have the option to filter your registrants by these hidden fields as well. For example, if you wanted to see a list of all of those who have not paid, use the filters to create your list.




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