Scheduling a Recurring Event

How to create a recurring event


Step 1: Choose “Recurring Event” from the drop-down in your form setup as your Registration Type.


Step 2:  Choose which days the event occurs on the Occurrence Schedule.


  • For a weekly event click and choose your event day. You may select multiple days if your event occurs more than once a week.
  • For an event that occurs on particular days, click "Certain days of the month" and setup your rule.



  • You can add one rule or combine rules to have your event appear on different days.



  • Then set your event time.




Step 3:  You can now setup your event as usual.  When the form displays for your recurring event, you will see a list of upcoming dates.  Just choose which date you want to register for and the program will automatically link to a form for that date.

Creating Exclusions

Once you have your recurring event setup, you may want to exclude particular dates, holidays, school closures, etc.  You can setup exclusions for a specific event from the Forms tab, or exclude all events for a particular day with the Global Date Exceptions on the Admin tab.









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