How to Create a Lacrosse Camp Form

STEP 1: Click ‘Create new form’.


STEP 2: Create a new Form from scratch and click ‘Add new form’.


STEP 3: Enter your Business Name, Form Title, and choose the Registration Type.

STEP 4: Enter event date/time if applicable.


STEP 5: Enter your description for the camp. Include any pertinent information you want registrants to know when signing up such as pricing, what is being offered, itinerary, what to bring etc. You can upload a logo or click on the ‘Customize’ button on the left-hand side to change font, size, and color, add images, etc.

STEP 6: Enter Contact Information for whomever registrants should contact if they have any questions. Enter the Venue Address of where the Camp is being held.

STEP 7: Click Save & Next to continue onto setting up the Fields.



STEP 8: Add any fields that you need for the camp registration. First Name, Last Name, and Email are required but may be renamed for further clarification. You may also want to include fields such as what type of camper, age, grade, roommate request, position they play, any recent injuries, medical insurance information and emergency contact information.




STEP 9: Once you have all necessary fields, hit Save & Next to move onto Pricing Setup.


STEP 10: Enter Registrant Price. If you had a field that affects price on the fields page, then you can choose to had it as an 'Add-On Cost' which would be in addition to the base registration cost, OR the pricing can just be based on this field as seen below.


STEP 11: Add any quantity discounts, promo codes, or surcharges. Choose Acceptable Payment Types and hit ‘Save & Next’.




STEP 12: Adjust anything else you want under ‘Marketing’ and ‘Advanced’ to complete the form.




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