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Use Existing Member Sale when selling an item, package or service to a specific member.  Go to Sales>Existing Member Sale.


Choose User Type.  You can search for Member, Trainer or All.  User Trainer if you are creating a sale to a staff member - "purchased by" staff.


Search for the Member by Member ID, First Name and/or Last Name.   Click Search, then double click on line for the member you need.  Note:  Clicking the Member Name will open the Member Profile in a separate window.


If your member is not found, a pop up will give you the option to add them.  Click Here for for more details on adding a member during the sale.

Next choose a Product, Service, or Package to sell.  You can add multiple items from any category.  Click Add to Cart for each pick.  Enter the name under Member Purchased For if there is a different Member.  Member Manager will search for a current member record or give you an option to Add New Member if the record is not found.  Note: If you are selling a contract you must sell that separately.  Go to Sales>New Contract to enter a contract.


  • Click trash.png to remove an item.
  • Click Renew.png to add Renewal settings for a Package.
  • Click Checkout to complete the sale.



Once the Invoice is created, choose the payment method and click Pay Now.



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