Managing Invoices

Invoicing/Payments>Manage Invoices

To Search, Create and Process Invoices, go to Invoicing/Payments>Manage Invoices.

Search by Invoice ID, Member ID, First Name, Last Name or Search for a group of invoices by a date range or Group, Approved or Payment Status.

Click  to Create Invoice Due.


Create Invoice Due

  • Depending on your business practices you may allow people to put things on their account during the month so that they only have 1 monthly bill.  Some companies also sell packages or monthly memberships automatically to their members on a given day of the month.  With the Create Invoices Due feature you can have Volo check for all of your members that have their account due.

Note: Before you Create Invoices Due, make sure that all the days are closed by running the Appointment Overview report.  If the day isn’t closed than any services the member did on that day will not be added to their account unless they were manually checked in.

  • Volo will give you a list of all the invoices it has created
  • At this point you can Approve Invoices or Delete Unapproved Invoices. You can only delete Invoices that are made through the automatic generation process, and that have not been approved.
  • Click  to Approve Selected Invoices.
  • Click  to Approve All Invoices found.
  • Click  to Delete Selected Invoices.
  • Click  to Delete All Invoices found.


Approve Invoices:

When you Approve Invoices, Volo does 2 things:

  1. First, it finalizes the invoice so that it can be no longer be edited.
  2. Than, it checks the Members Admin area to see how the member wants to pay their account. If they have chosen a credit card - and if your company has chosen to integrate with our payment gateway or Member Solutions for Full Service Billing - then Volo will automatically send the information to the credit card company for processing.  Make sure the credit card is the default payment method selected on their Admin tab.


Emailing Approved Invoices:

  • Once the invoices are approved, you can email either selected invoices, or all approved invoices on your list.   Note:  When you choose email all approved invoices, they will only be emailed to members who have the Receive Invoice option set to Email under their Admin tab.  If they have selected not to receive invoices, this process will skip that member.  If you select the checkbox for each member or the top check box to select all, and choose "email invoice", then all those selected will be emailed even if the Recieve Invoice setting is set to No.


  • To email only selected invoices, click the check-box for the invoices you would like to email, and then click the Email Invoice icon.  All selected invoices will be emailed, regardless of Receive Invoice setting.
  • To email all approved invoices, click the Email All Invoices icon.  Only members with Receive Invoice set to Email will recieve an invoice.


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