Manage Scheduled Payments

Invoicing/Payments>Manage Payments

You can view and pay any outstanding Scheduled Payments by going to Invoicing/Payments>Manage Payments.


This will pull up a list of all due or overdue Scheduled Payments.

On this screen you can:

  • Sort by any column – Invoice ID, Date, Name, Amount, etc.
  • Select All Invoices or select specific invoices by clicking anywhere but the Name or Invoice ID.
  • Click on a Name to go to that person’s profile.
  • Click on an Invoice ID to go to that invoice.
  • Click Process Scheduled Payments to pay selected invoices.

Collecting your scheduled payments

  • Whenever you schedule a payment for the future or create scheduled payments by Creating Invoices Due under Invoicing/Payments>Manage Invoices, your scheduled payments will be listed under Manage Payments.
  • When clicking Process Scheduled Payments, Volo will attempt to pay any payments you've selected (or all payments on this list if you click Select All) using the selected payment profile located on that member's Admin tab.

Auto Processing Scheduled Payments

You can choose to Volo automatically process your scheduled payments daily.  To turn this feature on or off:

  • Click Setup>Settings>Club Settings
  • Check or Uncheck Auto-process Scheduled Payment

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