Connecting your new EMV Terminal with your myVolo software

Getting Started

If you've recently ordered and received your EMV terminal from our Merchant Processing partner, Constellation Payments, there are a few simple steps you need to follow to make sure everything is ready to go! Your new EMV terminal represents the state of the art in payment processing and data security. In addition to the high level of security that comes standard, this terminal contains proprietary firmware that provides you and your customers an even greater level of protection against data theft.

*If you haven't ordered your Terminal yet, but would like to, please contact our sales team at 888-277-4409 or

Terminal Authentication

Follow the steps below to authenticate your terminal. You will need to have access to the confirmation email sent to you after your order was placed. The email was sent from with a subject: “your terminal has shipped.”  If you did not receive this email, please call the support phone number printed on the sticker that is attached to the terminal. 


Connect power adapter & Ethernet cable to the “magic box”




Connect the other end of the ethernet cable directly into your Internet router. (Only connect via USB if your shipping confirmation email includes instructions to do so)




Locate the terminal activation code from your shipping confirmation email




Enter Activation Code - wait for the terminal to display the activation screen below. Please allow a few minutes for this screen to display. This number can be found in your confirmation email. Follow onscreen prompts until you receive a message on the terminal screen confirming that activation has been successful.




Insert receipt paper as shown

(for terminals with built in printers only)



myVolo Setup

Someone from our Implementation Team should be contacting shortly to ensure that your terminal is set up and connected to myVolo. Please have your merchant account ID number, user name and password available to complete the connection.

Remote Update Capability 

Constellation Payments terminals come equipped with our own proprietary application that includes additional security features as well as the ability to remotely update the terminal over the internet. This means that your terminal will become even more secure over time and we will have the ability to push new functionality right to your terminal. 

Credit or Debit? – Your terminal comes ready to process both credit and PIN debit transactions.

Magnetic Stripe Reader – Over 70% of US banks have still not issued chip enable cards. For this reason your terminal comes equipped with a magnetic stripe reader. All cards with magnetic stripes on them can be authorized using this method.

EMV Chip Reader – while your EMV terminal is equipped with a chip card reader, it is currently disabled. This functionality will be added in the next few months at which time your terminal will be remotely updated over the internet and you can begin using the EMV chip card slot. Please be reminded that you can process all transactions, including those where a chip is present by swiping the magnetic stripe on the card. We will notify you when this update has occurred so you can inform your staff to begin using this functionality.


Contactless Payments - (contactless cards, ApplePay, AndroidPay) – Your terminal is also equipped with hardware to securely read wireless or contactless transactions via cards and smartphones equipped with NFC technology. This functionality will also be enabled via remote terminal update in the coming months.

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