MemberAssist User Guide

What is MemberAssist?

MemberAssist is a mobile app that provides martial arts studios, sports facilities, gyms and health clubs with the ability to connect with their members anytime, anywhere, directly from their iOS and Android devices.

You can:

  • Send “Push Notifications” to immediately update members about schedule changes, facility news, class availability, promotions, and more.
  • Give members direct access to view class descriptions and book classes directly from the app.
  • Offer members an easy way to take advantage of facility promotions by uploading coupons and barcodes to the app.
  • Provide clients with easy access to hours of operation, contact details, facility information, staff biographies, childcare information, and more.
  • Keep customers involved and promote your facility by uploading facility photos and linking to your Youtube Channel for instructional videos.
  • Customize the app interface to match the look and feel of your business.

Your members can:

  • Utilize MemberAssist on both iOS and Android devices.
  • Share classes booked via MemberAssist directly to their smartphone’s calendar application.
  • Update their social media status based upon a class booking.
  • Never lose their Member ID card, as it is housed within the app.
  • Save scheduling preferences to eliminate having to scroll through pages and pages of sessions.


Getting Around in MemberAssist

When a client downloads the MemberAssist app to his/her mobile device, he/she must also search for your facility by simply typing in the facility name, city or zip code and then selecting your club. Upon selection, the app will remember your facility for future use.


Navigating the Home Screen

Your MemberAssist Home Screen is where your customers will interact most with the app.

Tiles are used to represent your various sections or modules, which will contain custom information you create about your facility. MemberAssist users select modules they would like to view on their device by tapping the tile.

Types of Modules Include:

  • Your myVolo Module (featuring your myVolo Schedule)
  • Facility Information (address, phone, etc.)
  • Facility Web Page Links (Your website, social media, Youtube, etc.)
  • Membership card
  • Feedback Module
  • Promotions
  • And more!

To return to the “My Clubs” list users can simply tap the menu Icon and then Home, located in the upper-left. To change app settings, users should select “Settings” in the menu page.

Understanding Information Modules

Information Modules are used to present general information items about your facility, such as staff bios, image and video galleries, facility newsletters and blog articles.

  • Tapping the Menu Icon and Home, located in the upper-left returns the user to the Home Screen.
  • Tapping the “Refresh” button checks for any new items posted since the app was opened and downloads the updates if necessary.
  • Tapping an item from the list will display the entire article.
  • While viewing an item, the “Info” button returns the user to the information item list.
  • While viewing an item, the “Forward” button allows the user to share the item with friends via email.

Understanding the Schedule Module

myVolo modules provide customers with access to your schedule through the MemberAssist app. Multiple scheduling views can be saved and customized, providing a flexible scheduling experience.

  • Tapping the Menu Icon and Home, located in the upper-left returns the user to the Home Screen.
  • Tapping the “Refresh” button checks for any new items posted since the app was opened and downloads the updates if necessary.
  • Tapping an item from the list will show the content for that item.
  • While viewing the schedule details, the “Book” button asks the user to sign in using their myVolo credentials and will register them into the selected class (if they have an available package).
  • The “Share” button allows the user to share items via Facebook, or to add the item to their calendar.


MemberAssist Management Console

Logging In

The MemberAssist Management Console allows you to manage the content that is in your app, customize the look and feel of the Home Screen and more. Your login and password will be different from your myVolo credentials and will be provided by your myVolo Implementation Coordinator when a MemberAssist training session has been scheduled.

To access MemberAssist, go to 

Navigating the Console

After logging in, you will see the main view of the MemberAssist Management Console displayed. Along the top of the MemberAssist Management Console there are tabs and options that will allow access to the various features of an account.

What’s New

This section contains news and updates for the MemberAssist platform.

Location Admin

This is the configuration set for your myVolo site.

Working with the Home Screen

Home screen Configuration:

  1. Enter the URL of the images to appear on the Home Screen of your app. Images can be hosted anywhere on the web but should be 1200 x 1800 pixels max. PNG, JPG and GIF are the supported file types.
  2. Add the image URL
  3. Choose how long this image will be displayed or leave blank to keep displayed unless manually removed

Adding Announcements

  • Images can be added, and when tapped, it will email, call or go to the link. Images can be hosted anywhere on the web as long as the image is publicly accessible. Images should be 640X680 pixels max and should be less than 500 KB.  PNG, JPG and GIF formats are supported.


Creating and Managing Notifications

This section allows users to post push messages to club members and view sent messages. Messages are limited to 100 characters. Example:  “1/2 Price Smoothies Today!”

Note:  For businesses with multiple locations, check “save all announcements across all branches” for announcements to go out to all locations.

  1. Type message into Post a New Message to Club Members
  2. Click Post Message
  3. Click Save Changes


Allows buttons to be created for members to book different services. Services are listed with contact information (phone, email, URL). Services can be saved to all branches for business with multiple locations.

Try Us

This creates a “Trial Pass” option that your members can fill out. In the Terms and Conditions text box, you can add options for members to agree to your terms and conditions. Enter the Trial Pass Email address to be notified when a member signs up for a trial.

Managing the Feedback Option

Members will be able to send you feedback from their MemberAssist app. Enter the email address for the staff member who should receive the feedback email.

Updating Contact Us

Update your text field display for members to view your business contact information in the MemberAssist app. (This does NOT update latitude and longitude on Location Admin).


Questions About MemberAssist?
For any questions about the MemberAssist mobile app, please contact Member Solutions’ Support Team at or 877.600.3811.

NOTE: Although reasonable effort is made to ensure that the information in this document is complete and accurate at the time of release, Member Solutions, Inc. cannot assume responsibility for any existing errors. Changes and/or corrections to the information in this document may be incorporated in future versions.  


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