Contract Validation for Full Service Billing Clients

When submitting a contract via myVolo for Full Service Billing by MSI, the following fields must be validated for successful integration.

  • Address (Street Address)
  • City
  • Country
  • State/Province 
  • Zip/Postal Code

When you attempt to submit a Full Service Billing contract without the above fields filled in, myVolo will immediately open a new pane under your contract selection pane. This will allow you to complete the needed fields in the member's profile, without leaving the current page.  


Fields marked with an asterisk are required (note that Home Phone and Email are optional). Once you've completed the missing fields, click "Save". myVolo will add that information to the member's profile, close the pane, and allow you to continue with your sale.


Not a full service billing client? Contact us for more information at or 888-277-4409. 


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