Freezing a contract places it on hold from the date you choose until the date you choose for it to resume billing. During this time no invoices are generated and no items are allocated. For Term contracts, all frozen payments will be added to the end of the contract to preserve the original number of payments. Please follow these steps to freeze a contract

Navigate to the contracts tab of the member in question

from the actions drop-down choose Freeze

In the page that pops up choose when you would like the freeze to begin and then choose the date that payments should resume. The date you choose to resume will be your due date going forward.

If the contract has any outstanding invoices available to be frozen they will show in a grid below where you entered your freeze and resume dates. You can choose to freeze these invoices as well by clicking the radio button next to each one you want to be frozen.

Only invoices that have not been paid and from which no items have been used can be frozen.

Once you have chosen your dates and selected any outstanding invoices you wish to be frozen, click the continue button. I message will appear to verify which dates and invoices you are freezing. To complete the freeze click the freeze invoices button. 


To unfreeze a frozen contract, navigate to the member's contract tab, and choose Unfreeze from the actions drop-down. 

In the page that opens choose the date that you would like the contract to resume billing then click continue.

As with Freezing a message will appear explaining the actions that will be taken. Click unfreeze invoices to complete. 

You can also Freeze/Unfreeze individual payments by viewing the contracts payment history using the edit payments action from the contracts tab.

Just click the red and green freeze or unfreeze buttons next to each payment to freeze or unfreeze it. 



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