Renew Contract Details Screen

The renew contracts screen allows you to make adjustments for your contracts.  On this screen you can: 

  • Update Billing Profiles
  • Update Renewal Terms

The Renew Contract Details Screen (also listed as View Auto Renewals) can be accessed from either the Member’s Profile or from Sales>Edit Existing Contracts.

 From Member’s Profile.

  • Click on the Members tab and search for your Member.
  • Once in the profile, click on Account, then Contracts.
  • In the Select Action drop-down, choose View Auto Renewals.



 From Sales>Edit Existing Contracts

  • Go to the Sales>Edit Existing Contracts tab and search for your member or customer.
  • You can click on either the Contract ID number or the Contract Name.


  • This will bring up additional details on the contract. Under Actions, choose View Auto Renewals.


How to Update the Billing Profile.

Adding new credit card or ACH banking information. 

  • To change the billing profile, first go to the Admin tab under the customer’s profile. If you are changing from one credit card to another credit card and do not need to keep the original credit card information, just click on the credit card number and edit.  renew_5.png 
  • Change the information and click Save and Exitrenew_6.png 
  • To add an additional credit card or ACH banking information, click Add Newrenew_7.png

 Updating/Verifying Payment Information for a Specific Contract 

  • Once you have the new information added and saved, go to the View Auto Renewals screen to update and verify you have the correct profile. You can get to that screen from either method above.  Since you are already in the member profile, it is easiest to click on Account>Contacts, then click View Auto Renewal from the Select Action drop down. 
  • Choose the new credit card (or ACH) profile and click Saverenew_8.png

The new billing information will be updated to Member Solutions and will be used for all future payments. 

What if I entered a contract and set it to statement by mistake?  Follow the same process as above.  Verify you have the correct billing profile information in the Member’s Admin tab and use the View Auto Renewal screen to change the profile from Statement to either Credit Card or ACH. 

How to Edit Auto Renewal Options

To make any changes to the auto renewal options for a term contract, go to the View Auto Renewal screen by either method above (Member Profile or Sales>Edit Existing Contracts).  These changes will update to the Member Solutions billing system. 

From the View Auto Renew screen you can change the renew options by choosing:

  • Convert to Ongoing – contract goes month to month after the first term ends.
  • Additional Term – contract renews to another full term after first term ends, and keeps renewing to additional terms until member cancels auto renewal.
  • No Renewal – If a contract is set to auto renew and you would like to stop it from renewing once the initial term is completed, choose No Renewal.
  • Change Renew Dates – update the Renew Contract Date and Renew Contract First Billing Date to change the dates that a contract will Auto Renew. Note:  both contract date and first billing dates must begin after the service expiration date.


 How to Edit Auto Renewal Options for Ongoing Contracts:

From the View Auto Renew screen you can change the following options.  This is for Ongoing contracts only.

  • Next Service Start Date – Change the next service start date to any date within the next 30 days. This will update the payment date for all payments going forward.  If you need to update the payment date past the 30-day window (skip a payment), you must use the freeze option under View Payments in the Select Action drop-down under the Contract tab.
  • Payment Amount – Change the amount of the next payment and all future payments.
  • Choose Billing Profile – Update the billing profile. Profile must be added in the member’s Admin tab first. 


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