Sending Emails

Member Manager has several ways in which email can be sent.  Automated Messages, Enhanced Email and through the Email Marketing Module.

Automated Messages - Automated messages are emails that are automatically sent based on certain criteria.  These can include invoice messages, appointment reminders, birthday emails and more. 

For a complete list of automated messages, click here.

Emailing Members - There are many areas within myVolo that will allow you the ability to send an email message.  When running a report, you may see the send message option in the upper right.  This option is also found on an individual profile when you click the Contact Log tab.  To email a group of your members, go to the Members tab and click Search to get a list of members you want to email.  For example, if you wanted to send an email to all Active Member records, click the Members tab and click Active under status.  In the upper right, choose “Email all Found” to email all the member records on that list.   If you select specific members by clicking the checkbox on the right, you can choose Email All Selected to email only those members.  In this example, we are going to email all found.


Once you have selected the option to ‘Email All found or Email All Selected’, Member Manager will navigate you to the Email screen.  From there you can create a new email or use a pre-made email template.

Click Here for more details on creating an email template.


Enter your reply to email and your subject and write the email in body section below or choose your email template.  Click Send when you are ready.



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